Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Harness the power of insight and action for life-changing and business-transforming results.

Ready to bring yourself - and your organization - to the next level? Do it in three simple steps: Perceive, Believe, Achieve

Partnering with Dr. Bridget Cooper - Leadership Training Expert, Executive & Life Coach, Author, and Keynote Speaker - is the first of many masterful decisions on your path to success.

Client Testimonials

"Bridget's listening, prompting, pushing, and cajoling in a way that brought out the best in every attendee, resulted in action plans that insure that our organization tackles the important issues." Executive Director, Connecticut Society of Association Executives

"Ten hours with Bridget is better than 100 hours with my therapist!" Coaching Client, Virginia

Ready to Set the World On Fire?

Setting your world on fire is simple: It all comes down to getting the pieces of your life's puzzle in their proper place, and gaining awareness and focus.

It's not rocket science. It requires passion, purpose, and focus. People - and organizations - are often lacking one or all of these. And they are stuck. Lacking vision. Stagnant. Frustrated.


Please resist the urge to contact me if you:

  • Are completely fulfilled in every area of your life.
  • Have relationships with only healthy, content, respectful, and uplifting people.
  • Possess more money and time than you could ever hope to spend in this lifetime.


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