So, what do you find "weird"? Are prolonged silences weird? ...buttplugs? Imagining absurd scenarios that have no chance of happen... Oh wait! Is it weird when out of nowhere your housemate knock on your door half naked and invites you to a threesome? How's that on your scale of 1 to 10 (These days around 7 for me). It is something that should be happening to me a few years back, not now I am 35 old and bitter, generally tired and ready to sleep most times, so any offers past midnight need to complete with my pillow and it's rarely a win. Citing words of a wise man "Too old for that shit".  The very brief but bold exchange went something like that: 

"We're still smoking, want to come for puff?" - 

"Yeah, That party might be a little too big for me to be honest" - I said 

"Oh, don't worry, don't have to do anything with him, you can put it in my but".  

...That's it, that was all. I've turned the lady around, politely declined and sent her off to her room.  Mostly because I don't like sharing, also the lad that was meant to be part of the trisome referred to me as "Bro" and I cannot place it exactly why, but it truly annoyed the living fuck out of me.  As for the girl - Fucking animal and I loved it. It's rare for someone to impress me, but that little skinny girl was bold as fuck, took a risk and deserves recognition! 

I wish the rest of the week ended up being as exciting and positive, but truth be told other than that lovely incident it went rather shit.  I got redundant, fuck up my lover back and I might be smoking again... Well, not sure of the last one but if things will be moving at such pace cigarette might be an only enjoyment in my going down the drain life... that is if I'll be able to afford them. Also potential for another lockdown from Monday in London. This time given I won't be paid I am aiming for minimum 3 weeks of self-pity and alcohol consumption, might be the only who hasn't seen "Tiger Kingdom" so there's that for lonesome evenings.

The plan hasn't changed though, I am hoping to reach South America somewhere in February - March the latest. Still undecided on if I should I start in Peru with Ayahuasca, then start going south which would mean I'd miss Mexico altogether so should I wait for the drugs a little bit longer and start with Mexico. Time flows pretty quickly, I'll be there before you know it. 

Doomsday Pussy, Photoshop Composit by me.(September 2020)

Doomsday Pussy, Photoshop Composite by me (September 2020). 


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