Psyhodelic Trip

 Are you interested in photography? Colour themes and pallets? I cannot emphasise enough how important it is to spend the morning watching all videos on YouTube around the subject of colour themes, which colours are complementary, their weight, tint, saturation and how they affect which other

... and then eat fuck loads of psychedelic mushrooms and go for a wander through streets of London

Yesterday after a very long week of work I did exactly that and oh my, other than a couple of little panic attacks mostly due to mushrooms kicking in and paranoia that often comes with it's been a quite magical time.  The vividness of colours and how blues tints work with orange, how vivid and saturated red seems on the white pavement was beyond unbelievable. Truth be told paranoia kicked in a little hard (might have eaten a little bit too much) and the only way to fill safely again was withing four walls of my room with playlist compilation specifically compiled by me for such occasions so walk wasn't too long but still worth it.

It's also struck me being a little weird that technically yet again doing this same kind of drug my experience is never exactly this same. The baseline is always similar but this time the experience was almost designed to be more visual than ever before with an aim to learn something different. 

Sadly reality kicked back a few hours later around 10 pm with new bills to pay, the realisation I got to wake up early to go to life-sucking work next day I only just started and already bored of doing - and that's what bottle of red was for waiting for me in the kitchen, Few glasses of Negramaro helped me ease the senses and fell asleep a little easier.  

We all need to reset from time to time. 

...and almost forgot, here's my playlist:

Self-portrait manipulation from beginning of Lockdown in London, March 2020


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