Last pair of Jeans

Absolutely fucking livid! ...How in hell I am meant to buy trousers without trying them on first? 

I've lost my job because of COVID? "Fine" - I thought to myself, was considering changing anyway. 

Feeding myself vitamins (C, D3, Zync, Super greens) daily just in case? Alright, probably should be doing it anyway.

Had close to no social interactions, never mind sex over last months? Nothing really changed here. 

40 something thousand people died just in UK in last months - well, got nothing on that...

But not being able to try on trousers in a shop? Judge me all you want but that's a fucking deal dealbreaker! I held my peace for last months accepting every next little fuckup in my life caused by that bullshit flu on steroids - did not complain one bit. I was genuinely happy not to be hungry or homeless, be in a reasonably safe position, and to some degree kept turning every next fail into (sometimes imaginary) opportunity. That was until last night when I've ripped the only pair of jeans, and that obstacle can't find one decent solution too (First thought was "shorts" but, not in current weather). 

Fuuuck! - Would that be the end of me, that final element that will cause my mental breakdown? Will you see me telling people on streets that it's 5g towers and not COVID, that the government is trying to control us,  The Queen of England is immortal alien awaiting for her mortal enemy? (She is, she could be, wouldn't be all that surprising - if so is he/she still coming?). Will I scratch my face when saying all those things as they do it in the movies? Will I have an aluminium hat? But most importantly - How the hell I am meant to buy a new pair of jeans now...?

"Memory of me with yet another last at the time pair of jeans - 2009,  Mallorca, Spain"


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