"Log in"

 Do you remember that "Go with the flow" vibe I was all about in my first ever post, the "going with the stream rather than against it" hippy bullshit? Well, I can certainly admit now such approach is getting me into some very interesting track in life, never-mind weird online job opportunities that well that at the moment still trying to digest. There's a small part of me that says - "Well, that's a well fucking weird". But then there that part of me that I tend to listen do more with age, and it whispers gently in my ears - "yep, little fucked up but who cares, you are 36 old male who on average does not care about most things and the fact that at this age you might be able to pull it off... You got to at least try! Worst come to worst what a fucking brilliant story to tell your children would you end up having any! (Could be also great ice breaker on all types of reunions - I believe the made a movie about it once).  

Putting that potential development aside  (That it happens I will describe in better detail in coming weeks) there's more excitement to come.  I might very much end up in Mexico as my new place of residence for the next few months. Why? Well, because "why the fuck not". If I am meant to be burning through my savings and not being able to get a decent job I might as well do it somewhere sunny, while on the beach with a margarita in my hand (tickets go for £200 in December btw).  Currently, everything is very unbalanced and unclear as is this post. Hopes are decisions will be taken and future plans will become clear in coming week or so. But for now. if you ever planning to "go with the flow" beware of potential consequences. 

                                             #Flower, Photograph by me (October 2020). 


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